The print collection is a selection of limited edition hand signed giclée prints.  These are authorised reproductions of some of my paintings and drawings dating back to my first exhibition in 1975.  The content of the pictures ranges from suburban and rural landscapes to graphic works and allegorical narratives with references to popular culture, politics, religion, history and technology.

While continuing to exhibit pictures in art galleries I have always liked the concept of interesting affordable art for people who may not visit dealer galleries or be inclined to buy more expensive original works.  Working for Mambo Graphics and doing posters and record covers for bands allowed me to get some of my images out of the art galleries and onto t shirts, posters, and book and record covers.

Some of the newer works are concerned with digital surveillance technology, robotics and A.I.  These recent developments are just the latest things that we idiotic humans have invented to torment ourselves with.   The list of previous stupid and useless idiocies humans have invented include the patriarchy, religion, racism, empires, nations, militarism, patriotism and corporate capitalism. 


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