The Mind & Times of Reg Mombassa

Illustrated with almost 300 original artworks and packed with photographs, posters and band memorabilia, this is a true collector's item. Christopher O'Doherty, aka Reg Mombassa, has infiltrated our culture for more than thirty years with a unique, laconic view of our world ... and of his. His wit, sense of mischief and larrikin energy resonated in the songs and performances of one of Australia's most beloved bands, Mental As Anything, whose music became the soundtrack to a generation's misbegotten youth. His eye for the absurd and his unapologetic idealism captured another generation or three with his irreverent, frequently macabre and always distinctive designs for the original Mambo label. Yet long before he became a Mental or transformed shirts into collector's items, Mombassa was first and foremost an artist. From his idiosyncratic pop art to the delicately realised fine art landscapes and images that celebrate and elevate the suburban, his artworks are sought by collectors around the world. Who else could stage the biggest one-man art show in history at the Sydney Olympics? Who else could have Elvis Costello producing his records, or the likes of Johnny Rotten and Crowded House seeking his record cover designs? But there is much more to Reg Mombassa, as fellow New Zealand-born writer and painter Murray Waldren shows in this illuminated journey.

The Art of Chris O'Doherty aka Reg Mombassa

Published by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) to accompany the survey exhibition: The art of Chris O'Doherty aka Reg Mombassa at S.H. Ervin Gallery 6 January-25 February 2007. Curated by Jane Watters. 80 pages.

Cranium Universe

A publishing first for Harper Collins, produced as an interactive ebook showcasing Reg Mombassa's music and performances with Mental As Anything and Dog Trumpet, his cheeky designs for the original Mambo label and his fine art.

Title: Cranium Universe

Author: Reg Mombassa

Number of pages: 50 pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

Format: ebook

The Making of Cranium Universe

The Landscapes of Reg Mombassa

The Landscapes of Reg Mombassa

A stunning retrospective of one of Australia’s most beloved and celebrated artists. Reg Mombassa’s work has been a part of the fabric of Australia’s pop culture for nearly 40 years with his irreverent take on life down under, but it is his unique landscapes that have earned him a place as one of Australia’s most influential and prolific fine artists. From the early days of his childhood in rural New Zealand, and around his adopted Australian home Reg has been documenting the landscape, oftentimes from cars and buses on the road with his bands ‘Mental as Anything’ and ‘Dog Trumpet’; always with sketchbook in hand. Now over 200 of his iconic landscapes have been brought together for the first time to provide an evocative portrait of our very antipodean landscape, tracing its forever changing geographic and social outlook. 

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