Reg has a band called Dog Trumpet with his brother Peter O’Doherty. They are signed with Demon Music and their digital catalogue is available here along with a handy link to the Dog Trumpet website.

Shadowland is Dog Trumpet’s new 12 track album. A distinctive blending of psychedelia, folk and blues, the album probes the perils and absurdities of human existence, kicking off with the title track Shadowland, a nervous musing on digital over-surveilance; followed by Nina Simone, a song reflecting on romance and memory.  F***ing Idiots  points out the shameful idiocy of our addiction to war and militarism; the Ballad of Clayton Looby is an anti-establishment ode to a larrikin surfer.Available on CD, LP & digital.

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New single - Fucking Idiots from SHADOWLAND

For the first time signed limited edition coloured vinyl of Two Heads One Brain, Suitcase and Dog Trumpet (self titled).

Below is the official music video for ’Antisocial Tendencies' for you to enjoy.

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