Reg began working with Mambo back in 1986. He created many designs for Mambo posters and t-shirts over the years and along with other Mambo artists' iconic designs, his graphic work is now synonymous with the brand.

The History of Mambo Loud Shirts

Hitting production in 1994 the Mambo Loud Shirt range quickly became a crowd favourite amongst the surf shop and pub locals. Featuring loud and anti-mainstream prints by local artists, that the Karens of today would faint at, the Loud Shirt became a best seller and today are prized by collectors and OG fans.

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In 2014 Mambo celebrated their 30 year anniversary with Mambo - 30 Years of Shelf Indulgence. The exhibition opened at the National Gallery of Victoria, then in 2015 travelled to Ambush Gallery in Sydney, and in 2016 to the Newcastle Art Gallery.

Mambo - 30 Years of Shelf Indulgence was published by the NGV as a 46 page book, released in 2014. The artwork created by Reg is also available as a signed limited edition print.

Mambo 30

Mambo - 30 Years of Shelf Indulgence


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